The now-closed south entrance to Dupont Circle station. (Sarah Voisin)

The transit authority plans to distribute more than 400,000 surveys from Friday through May 25 at all 86 rail stations. Riders are asked to complete information about the trip they are taking when they receive the card and then to either place the survey cards into collection boxes at stations, mail the postage-paid surveys in, or complete the survey online using instructions on the card.

“We encourage our riders to complete the survey for each trip that they receive a survey card. Getting this information is extremely important to us to plan improvements to our services and address growth needs,” Metro General Manager Richard Sarles said in the statement.

Metro’s attempt to get a snapshot of rail operations comes as the transit authority prepares to resume its schedule of aggressive track and station work, an attempt to reverse years of decline in a transportation system bedeviled by train malfunctions, nonworking escalators and deteriorating stations. The work had been suspended during cherry blossom season.

The agency is also in the midst of considering fare hikes for bus and rail services to help cover a shortfall in its next budget. If approved by the board of directors, the increases, which would also include a rise in parking fees, should take effect in July, a month where officials plan to close some stations every weekend to tackle track work.


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