Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski on Thursday demanded that the Federal Transit Administration update a 2010 safety audit of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to determine what progress the agency had made in meeting federal recommendations.

Barbara Mikulski (Bill O'leary/The Washington Post)

Mikulski’s request comes on the heels of a month in which a computer glitch July 14 and 15 forced Metro to shut down service on all five lines twice within a 12-hour period. The authority also faced tough questions about safety procedures after a Green Line train broke down, and passengers were forced to walk several hundred feet in blistering heat. Many said officials offered no clear direction to riders. Then on July 6, a Green Line train derailed after excessive temperatures caused a section of rail to buckle near the West Hyattsville station.

Mikulski is also asking the FTA to examine Metro’s system, equipment maintenance and procedures, and how often these systems are inspected.