A Metrobus driver is learning the hard way that silence is golden.

In a video making the rounds Thursday, an unidentified driver is filmed in a verbal exchange with Mark Segraves, an investigative reporter with radio news station WTOP.

It seems Segraves was trying to parallel-park his car on Idaho Avenue outside WTOP’s Northwest Washington studios Wednesday, when the driver pulled her bus up behind him, honked and then allegedly flashed a lewd gesture, WTOP reported.

Smartphone camera in tow, Segraves met the driver at the next stop, boarded the bus and began asking questions. (He is a reporter, after all — it’s what we do.)

The driver wouldn’t give her name and, in fact, can be seen on the video hiding and then removing her nametag.

At one point, when Segraves asks the driver for her name, she says, “Call me Miss Metro.”


Segraves reported the incident, and Metro officials confirm the driver has since been put on administrative leave. Other than that, they could offer no other details except, as Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said, “She will not be winning any awards for Miss Metro.”