We’ve created a mobile tool to help you see how Rush Plus could alter your commute. Use it at wapo.st/rushplusmobile.

8:30 A.M. Update:

An accident on I-395 North at King Street is blocking the right lane. Expect major delays.

The 2200 block of Q Street NW is closed because a gas line was struck at 2231 Q Street, according to the D.C. police. Avoid that area.

Debris on I-95 South at Sandy Spring Road continues to block one of the shoulders

And remember, Rush Plus is only in effect until 9 a.m.

8:15 A.M. Update:

On its second day, Metro’s Rush Plus service doesn’t seem to have inspired as many headaches as we saw on Monday. Travelers are still experiencing some issues, of course, but the problems don’t seem as pronounced or widespread.

One commuter tweeted about congested Blue Line trains at Crystal City, while there’s less crowding for riders awaiting the Blue Line at King Street and Braddock Road.

Reports vary from the lines that added extra trains. We’ve seen some Orange Line riders unhappy with the wait times for trains heading from Virginia into downtown Washington. But the reports coming from the Yellow Line have been largely positive so far.

8 A.M. Update:

Some debris on I-95 South at the Sandy Spring Road exit is blocking one of the shoulders. Watch for potential delays.

7:40 A.M. Update:

The accident on I-270 South at I-370 has been cleared and all lanes reopened.

7:20 A.M. Update:

The accident on I-270 South at I-370 is blocking two southbound lanes and one of the shoulders.

7:10 A.M. Update:

An accident on I-270 South at I-370 could cause delays. No lane closures have been reported yet.

On I-66 East at the Beltway, the east exit ramp is closed and the left H.O.V. exit from I-66 East to I-495 South is closed due to construction.

6:55 A.M. Update:

Normal Red Line service has resumed at White Flint, according to Metro.

6:45 A.M. Update:

A disabled Red Line train is out of service from Grosvenor. The train is on the move, but watch for some residual delays.

The disabled vehicle on the inner loop of the Beltway before Georgia Avenue has been cleared.

6:25 A.M. Update:

A disabled vehicle on the inner loop of the Beltway before Georgia Avenue is blocking one lane and one of the shoulders.

There are Red Line delays heading to Glenmont after an earlier train malfunction at White Flint.

The Foggy Bottom entrance escalators are working again.

Original Post, 6 A.M.:

Good morning, commuters! Metro’s new Rush Plus service debuted on Monday morning, overhauling rush hour service on the Blue, Orange and Yellow lines. It drew mixed reviews from commuters and Dr. Gridlock.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the roads and rails this morning, reporting any delays or issues — and we will need your help. If you hear about any congestion, delays, problems or anything at all, tell us in the comments section below or by tweeting @drgridlock.

If you’re riding Metro, let us know how you think Rush Plus is going on its second day. Share your experiences in the comments section below or tweet them with the hashtag #RushPlus.

We’ve created a mobile tool to show how Rush Plus will impact your commute. Check it out at wapo.st/rushplusmobile. (It also works on tablets and smartphones, so you can visit that link if you’re already out.)

For more on Rush Plus, read this list of things you need to know, watch a short video explaining the changes or look at our user’s guide.

One issue Metro riders need to keep in mind: The entrance escalators are out of service at the Foggy Bottom station. Buses have been requested and the station remains open.

Also this morning: After the gray, wet and cool weather we saw on Monday, Tuesday’s forecast calls for clouds and warmer temperatures, according to the Capital Weather Gang.

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