Flights from Dulles International Airport to Manchester, England and Dublin will be added next year as a result of the merger between United and Continental Airlines.

Though the first flights won’t depart until spring, evidence of the merger that created the new United-Continental airline will be evident to passengers passing through Dulles on Wednesday morning.

The terminal areas for the combined airline were “rebranded” overnight with new signage that combines the name United with the globe-like symbol taken from the long-time Continental logo.

The new airline will provide 14 daily flights from Dulles to Europe, four flights to Asia, five flights to Latin America and the Caribbean and 12 flights to Canada. On the domestic side, it will fly from Dulles to 81 airports in the U.S. More than 290 daily flights are planned from Dulles, carrying an average of 20,400 passengers and an estimated 7.4 million a year.

The two airlines, which formally merged a year ago, have a combined fleet of 704 jetliners and 558 smaller jets and turbo props that provide regional service.