Speed cameras monitor traffic on the 2200 block of Wooton Parkway in Rockville. (jahi chikwendiu/THE WASHINGTON POST)

The county is adding 10 portable speed cameras and 18 new locations to its SafeSpeed program.

The additions are part of a novel “corridor approach” to keeping entire roadways — not just fixed locations — safe, police said in a news release.

Montgomery County currently has 56 fixed-pole sites, six mobile vans, and 10 portable cameras that will all remain in use.

By expanding its existing mobile arsenal, police hope to keep lead-footed drivers on their toes. As drivers become accustomed to camera locations, there is a tendency to slow down briefly and then speed back up, police said.

The new approach is designed to encourage drivers to maintain the speed limit throughout their trip. It was inspired by a similar system used in Europe, according to the news release.

While the list of designated streets is available online, the police department said it will not announce the location schedule in advance.

The new cameras and locations will be rolled out over the course of the next two weeks, police said.