Two traffic shifts designed to accommodate highway work zones will affect commuters using New Hampshire Avenue in Maryland and D.C.- 295 in the District.

The Maryland State Highway Administration is shifting two lanes on southbound New Hampshire Avenue (Route 650) to create more work space for the interchange with the Intercounty Connector. The District Department of Transportation is repairing the deck of the Anacostia Freeway (DC-295) bridge over the Anacostia Park Entrance, requiring single lane closings. Meanwhile, repair work continues on the freeway bridge at Firth Sterling avenue, but it’s scheduled to be done Friday.

Here are the details on the new work zones.

New Hampshire Avenue

Two southbound lanes are shifting about 12 feet to the right, placing the traffic on the permanent alignment crossing the Intercounty Connector, the highway administration said.

Pedestrian access will be maintained on new sidewalk along southbound New Hampshire.

On July 30, workers will shift the northbound lanes about 24 feet to the left to allow traffic over the newly constructed section of the New Hampshire Avenue bridge above the connector. The northbound shift will start north of Copley Lane.

This part of the Intercounty Connector construction will continue through August, and the full interchange is scheduled to be done late this year.

Anacostia Freeway

The bridge over the Anacostia Park Entrance is one of five bridges along the 295 corridor that DDOT has identified for repairs. Work on that one is scheduled to continue through Sept. 20.

The work hours are 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. and single lanes will be closed. This is likely to cause traffic delays, as has the work on the other bridges, but it’s good that DDOT is pressing ahead with this project during the summer, when traffic is at its lightest. Watch for temporary signs and lane markers to guide drivers through the area.