The roadway reconstruction work on South Dakota Avenue and Riggs Road continues in Northeast Washington. As part of that work, travelers will encounter temporary traffic patterns beginning on Thursday, according to the District Department of Transportation.

On Third Street, between Riggs Road and Second Street:

— The northbound lane will be reopened and traffic will remain on the west side.

— One lane per direction will remain open.

On Riggs Road between Chillum Place and First Street:

— Traffic will shift to the north side of Riggs Road.

— Two inbound lanes and one inbound lane will be kept open.

— The sidewalk on the south side of Riggs Road, between South Dakota Avenue and Chillum Place, will be closed.

On South Dakota Avenue between Riggs Road and Kennedy Street:

— Traffic will remain on the west side of South Dakota Avenue

— One southbound lane and two northbound lanes will remain open

— Drivers will be allowed to turn left onto Riggs Road from both northbound lanes.

There will be message signs in place to guide travelers through these new traffic patterns.