4 p.m. Update:

Pepco said its crews are working to repair an “electric feeder cable” near Deanwood station. Workers are pumping water from flooding manholes, officials said. The water is making it difficult for crews to access the cable.

Pepco estimates the work, which includes splicing the feeder cable, will be completed by early Thurday.

Noon Update:

Power has been restored to a substation at Stadium-Armory, according to Metro. However, the Deanwood substation remains out of service. Officials said they expect power restoration there Thursday morning.

The problems will persist into the Wednesday evening commute, Metro said, with trains operating at reduced speeds between Minnesota Avenue and Cheverly on the Orange Line.

9:35 A.M. Update:

Metro chief spokesman Dan Stessel said the Blue and Orange lines are operating at “mid-day service levels” after a power problem this morning with Pepco.

Trains between Potomac Avenue and Minnesota and Benning Road are running at reduced speeds of 35 miles per hour because there is less power for operations.

Stessel said it is unclear when the situation will be resolved.

Metro is dealing with the decrease by “backfeeding power” to the problem area of the Orange Line. Stessel said the power can be “moved around and transmitted.”

“We’re filling in the affected area using substations elsewhere on the line to fill in that line,” Stessel said. “That does reduce power on the overall Blue-Orange line.”

Trains typically run every three to four minutes, but are now operating every five to six minutes. There are also no eight car trains running on the Orange Line.

9:07 A.M. Update:

Metro is not seeing any increase in power, so this morning’s power-related issues remain ongoing, said Metro spokesman Dan Stessel. That means Orange and Blue Line riders should continue to anticipate delays and crowded trains.

9 A.M. Update:

Pepco tweeted a short time ago that they resolved the power issue slowing the Orange and Blue lines this morning. We have reached out to Metro and will update this post as soon as we have more information.

The Red Line remains delayed in both directions. Trains are operating normally again, but there are residual delays due to the earlier sick customers.

8:40 A.M. Update:

Problems persist on Metro’s Orange and Blue lines this morning. Pepco is still working on restoring power, according to Metro.

There are also delays on the Red Line due to sick customers on trains at Dupont Circle and White Flint. Red Line trains are single-tracking between Twinbrook and Grosvenor due to the sick passenger at White Flint and single-tracking between Dupont Circle and Farragut North due to the sick customer at Dupont Circle.

Original Post:

Orange and Blue Line riders should expect delays and crowding on Wednesday morning due to power outages, according to Metro.

Two traction power substations, near the Deanwood and Stadium-Armory stations, lost commercial power this morning. Metro is feeding power back to this stretch of the system from other substations.

Due to the power outage, all trains will have to run at reduced speeds between Potomac Avenue (serving the Blue and Orange lines) and Cheverly (on the Orange Line) and Benning Road (on the Blue Line). This will result in longer waits for trains and longer travel times. Additionally, no eight-car trains will run on the Orange Line, which will cause extra crowding on this morning’s trains.

Pepco could not provide an estimated time of repair as of 6:40 a.m., according to Metro.