10:25 p.m. Update: It is unclear whether anyone was hit or who fired the shots. Groups of commuters scrambled to clear a path as two people who looked like police officers or security personnel, one with a gun drawn, ran after a man near the south west corner of the intersection. Seconds later, the man dropped to his knees near the middle of the intersection, but it’s unclear whether police officers fired the shots or whether the man they were chasing had been shot.

Katie Rogers

Original post: A police investigation at the intersection of 14and Irving streets NW is causing traffic issues in Columbia Heights.

Post social media producer Katie Rogers saidshe heard shots fired. People were scrambling to clear the area, and an officer wrestled a man down in the middle of the intersection, she said.

Post news personnel editor Peter Perl reports that there is a heavy police presence in the area and the Metro entrance appeared to be cordoned off. However, a Metro spokeswoman says the station remains open.

[This post has been updated.]

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