Around 9 a.m. Tuesday, the doors on two rail cars traveling on the Red Line between Van Ness and American University stations opened while the train was moving.

A passenger aboard the train took a picture of it, and it was posted to unsuckdcmetro. Here’s the original tweet:

Nothing like the breeze of open metro doors - while moving. Red line b/n Van Ness & Tenleytown. @unsuckdcmetro…

— Monica Arpino (@monicaarpino) May 15, 2012

Metro chief spokesman Dan Stessel said there were no reported injuries. He said the train operator called Metro’s command center, and car maintenance personnel were sent to meet the train at the American University stop. The train was off-loaded and taken to a rail yard for “diagnostic testing,” he said.

He said such incidents of doors opening when trains are moving are “extremely, extremely rare.” He said it had been “multiple years” since a similar incident had happened. The two rail cars are part of Metro’s 1000 series which were involved in a deadly crash in 2009 on the Red Line and are expected to be replaced soon with new rail cars.

Metro has had chronic problems with doors on rail cars. About two-thirds of train delays involve troubles with doors, Metro officials recently told board members.