This comment about Metro station air conditioning came in during Monday's online chat.

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

I have lived at Woodley Park for almost two years and in that time the air conditioning at the Metro station has not worked at all. Zero, zilch. I lived there in the ‘90s and it functioned minimally, but now nothing. Calling Metro only gets me a recorded message at the “Red Line Team.” Do you know why Metro has stopped running the AC there? The Dupont Circle station was very comfortable this weekend, in comparison, and it’s an older station.

DG: Metro spokesman Dan Stessel sent a message via Twitter saying that in the process of overhauling the chiller that cools the air at Woodley Park, as well as at Cleveland Park station, workers discovered they needed to replace a part. This should be fixed by the weekend.

Since his arrival last month, Stessel has been using social media to monitor and respond to rider comments about conditions in the transit system.

This morning, for example, there was a message on Metro’s Twitter feed saying that the chillers used to cool McPherson Square Station have been repaired.

Many riders are reporting air conditioner problems in rail cars via Twitter using the hash tag #hotcar.