The saga of keeping Metro open late for Nationals games — and, specifically, what will happen should the Nationals make the playoffs — took an interesting turn on Thursday.

WTOP reported that the Nationals have asked the District to pay to keep Metro open after its normal closing time if D.C. winds up hosting playoff baseball.

The issue of Metro’s closing time has been a hot topic in the region since Monday night’s 13-inning game against the Braves. The game began late due to a rain delay and didn’t end until after midnight, which meant Metro had already closed. Fans were less than pleased.

It costs $29,500 for each hour Metro is open late or early. Event organizers have to sign an agreement and put down the deposit before the event occurs. (The organizers are refunded part or all of this deposit, depending on how many people use the system during the additional hour.)

The Capitals have an agreement to keep the transit agency open late during the playoffs, while the Nationals have no such deal in place.

The WTOP report says that D.C. officials met with Nationals officials to discuss plans for the postseason, including potential street closures and having more police officers to help with traffic and safety in the area.

One such issue on the docket: Paying for extra Metro service. The Nationals want D.C. to pay, according to WTOP.