Old Town Trolley Tours began selling ride tickets at Smithsonian Metrorail station last week, as Metro begins to allow vendors to offer goods in its transit network.

Metro’s board of directors approved licenses last June that will allow retailers to place DVD rental machines and trolley tour ticket booths at 11 Metro stations. Old Town Trolley Tours will be allowed to place two ticket sales and information booths at both entrances of Smithsonian Station. The kiosks are scheduled to be constructed soon, but the company began selling tickets without them.

The licenses also allow Movie Solution to place DVD rental machines at 10 stations: Farragut North, Farragut West, Foggy Bottom, L'Enfant Plaza, Metro Center, Union Station, Bethesda, New Carrollton, Shady Grove, and Rosslyn.

“We see the addition of retail opportunities as an enhancement and convenience for both regular commuter customers and the millions of visitors who rely on Metro to see the nation’s capital,” Metro chief Richard Sarles said in a statement.

Metro said riders can expect the DVD machines to be installed by summer. The transit authority expects the new retail options to generate $880,000 in revenue over eight years.

In discussions last summer, board members expressed intrest in expanding the retail presence at Metro stations. Officials have made it clear that they do not want to allow food retailers into stations or to allow for the retail outlets to impede the ability to access platforms.

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