Drivers heading south on Route 29 in Montgomery County will need to look sharp next week to catch the new exit for left turns at Fairland Road. The Maryland State Highway Administration built the new ramp as part of the Intercounty Connector project, which will have an interchange with Route 29 in the Fairland area.

The ramp already is used by southbound drivers who want to make a right turn on Fairland Road and head west. Starting Wednesday, the ramp also will be used by southbound drivers who want to turn left and head east. Those drivers have been going up to the light at the Fairland intersection to make the left.

Once the change occurs, they’ll have to remember to look for this right-hand ramp, which starts about a third of a mile before the intersection. The Maryland State Highway Administration, which is in charge of the construction, will use electronic message boards to alert drivers.

Once on the ramp, drivers will stay left to make the left onto Fairland Road. When they reach the end of the ramp, they’ll see a flashing red beacon. It flashes yellow for traffic already on Fairland.

To begin the transition to the new setup for left-turners, workers will close lanes on southbound Route 29 at 8 p.m. Tuesday, and the new configuration should be in place in time for the morning rush on Wednesday.

The next segment of the Intercounty Connector, through Route 29 to Interstate 95, is scheduled to open late this year or early next.