The work zone on the northbound span of the 14th Street Bridge moved into the right center lane Thursday morning. This will be the next to last phase in the surface rehabilitation that began two years ago.

Drivers still have four open lanes during rush hours, but the relocation of the new work zone at the north end of the span requires you to navigate around the island of construction as you head for either 14th Street or the Southeast-Southwest Freeway.

The new pattern was a bit confusing to many people Thursday, according to officials with the project, resulting in miles of congestion. (There was also an accident on the bridge, which didn’t help).

Because the construction island shortens merging distances, drivers heading for 14th Street will want to get left as early as possible, while those heading for the freeway will want to make early moves to the right.

When you reach the work zone, you will find two lanes on the left flowing toward 14th Street, while the right two flow toward the freeway.

Drivers coming from the northbound George Washington Parkway who use the bridge to reach 14th Street probably face the greatest challenge in the new configuration. Once you come off the ramp from the parkway onto the bridge, you must focus immediately on safely moving two lanes to the left.

The new configuration will remain for six to eight weeks. The final phase, which will move the construction island one lane to the right, will last about the same amount of time. The surface work is scheduled to be done this fall.

The District Department of Transportation has an updated map of the project’s phases and maintains a Twitter feed @14thStBridge.