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Spring is in the air, and you know what that means: The chicks are coming out. The Post’s annual--and in­cred­ibly popular--Peeps Show is underway (Photo submissions were due March 14, and the winner will be announced April 17).

It’s a time for our hopes and dreams, our fears and aspirations, our frustrations and neuroses, to be manifested through sticky, overly sweet little marshmallow bunnies and chicks.

And for Washington residents, a lot of what could fill those little dioramas with the last category has to do with the area’s trains and roads.

Full Bunny Scanners at Ronald Reagan National Airport (Marissa Lemargie Lavaque)

Two George Washington University alums have shared with the blog Unsuck DC Metro an unfortunately all-too-lifelike depiction of bunny commuters’ travails at “Peepy Bottom Station” in 2010. There are peeps piled at the bottom of a malfunctioning escalator, a cash-only fare machine, a not-terribly-helpful next-train sign, fire on the tracks, and an attentive and helpful station manager, busy reading The Washington Peeps.

Surely there are more cute commutes to be created. (Though peeps riding the MARC trains or Dulles Toll Road commuters without enough bunnies in tow to qualify for the new High-Occupancy Peeps lanes might be reduced to melted marshmallow goo by the time they arrived.)