We’ve seen raccoons in local Metro stations, heard of commuting cats and there’s even a Web site devoted to the dogs of Moscow’s subway.

Now the Associated Press reports that a would-be rider attempted to board a train in Great Britain with his pony.

Arriva Train Wales told the Associated Press on Wednesday that the bizarre incident was captured on security cameras at a rail station in Wrexham, northern Wales. Staff said the man attempted to board the train — bound for Holyhead, the home of Prince William and his new wife — on Saturday evening.

Images show the customer leading the large white pony along a station platform, then waiting patiently for a train.The company said the man and his four-legged companion left after he was declined access to the service.

Britain’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which can prosecute over animal abuse, told the Associated Press that it would would study the footage.

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