We’ve received a lot of feedback regarding our Dr. Gridlock post on Tuesday about the Nationals and Metro.

(In case you missed it, the Nationals hosted the Braves on Monday night. The game started late due to rain and ran long due to extra innings, and as a result, Metro was closed when the game ended. People were not pleased.)

The Post’s Dan Steinberg published an update earlier this morning. The big takeaway: There still are no plans for the Nationals to pay Metro to stay open late for regular season games. And there’s no word yet on what the Nationals might be thinking about for any potential postseason games.

Steinberg’s post has an interesting discussion about what, exactly, is the threshold for determining when a game is worth the $29,500 deposit that would need to be paid to keep Metro open late. You should read the whole thing here.

Do you think the Nationals should pay to keep Metro open for any night game during the week? Should they do it for key divisional games, or wait until the last few weeks of the season? Or should they not do it at all? Sound off in the comments below or on Twitter.