The story of the day — at least for me — is potholes.

I hit a massive one last night driving home on Route 450. It was late and I was tired and close to home, so I kept driving. I ended up shredding the tire but thankfully the rim wasn’t damaged.

A tire shredded by a pothole. (Michael D. Bolden/The Washington Post)

If you need to report a pothole, here’s our guide to some contact information for departments of transportation around the region.

Now, what else is going on in transportation? Let’s take a look.

Metro’s massive shutdown on the Orange and Blue lines begins Friday night. Dr. Gridlock weighed in Wednesday with information on the times that some of the last trains will be operating. Make your plans now so you aren’t surprised by earlier trains. And here’s his guide to the entire disruption.

The Washington Cyle blog reports the latest numbers for Capital Bikeshare, the regional cyling network started in September. Capital Bikeshare has more than 5,000 members, according to the blog. Both Alexandria and College Park are considering joining the network pioneered by Arlington County and the District.

New flights are being added at Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport, with Southwest, AirTran, Delta and United all adding service.

This tip comes via former District Department of Transportation chief Gabe Klein. He steered his Twitter followers to an article from the Daily Mail that says Google is extending its Street View perspective of the world to parks and trails.

On Wednesday the House extended the Surface Transportation Act until the end of the current fiscal year. Transportation Nation has some details. But this still falls short of a long-range funding plan that delays with the nation’s deteriorating infrastructure. Should we raise gas taxes? Charge drivers by the mile to drive the highways? Invest more in public transit? Post a comment below with your thoughts.

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials urges the public to share transportation concerns with members of Congress via its Facebook page.

Should we care about Eurpean aviation safety? The Wall Street Journal writes about a safety conference in Turkey this week where attendees are discussing the effects of spending cuts on air-traffic controllers and regulatory agencies.

The National Transportation Safety Board begins the final day of the hearing into the San Bruno, Calif., pipeline explosion. You can watch live on the Web. It should still be months before the NTSB delivers its final report.

What else is going on in the world of transportation? Post a comment below.