The $300 million question of the morning is where will a Metrorail station at Dulles International Airport be located.

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority considers a decision today. Earlier this morning, a panel approved a more expensive underground option, which is closer to the main terminal, but the authority still needs to make the final decision.

The Cherry Blossom Festival continues, and Dr. Gridlock has advice on getting around.

Post Transportation writer Ashley Halsey III appeared on “The Diane Rehm Show” Wednesday morning to talk about aviation safety, following the rupture of the skin of a Southwest Airlines jet and the subsequent discovery of cracks in five more plans. Listen here.

The University of the District of Columbia’s law school has scheduled a discussion for Thursday on Metro’s controversial bag check policy.

States and Amtrak have lined up to get a portion of high-speed rail funds rejected by Florida.

Higher gas prices have helped push sales of the stingy Toyota Prius hybrid above 1 million.

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