The U.S. budget is still dominating the discussion, as pundits analyze the cuts agreed to in the 2011 budget compromise.

The deal doesn’t touch the $150 million in federal funding for capital needs at Metro, according to this report from Post staff writer Philip Rucker. However, transportation overall took a hit. Transportation Nation says funding for high-speed rail has been cut $4.4 billion in just four days.

Post staffer Mike DeBonis reports that the District’s fleet of vehicles is heavy with gas-guzzlers, contrary to city law.

Michael Perkins writes on Greater Greater Washington that Alexandria is piloting loading monthly passes on SmarTrip cards and is looking for volunteers.

NYC Aviation says the Federal Aviation Administration has opened a new air traffic command center in Warrenton, Va. NYC Aviation also has audio of the traffic between an Air France A380, a small Delta jet and the control tower at JFK International Airport, just before the jumbo clipped the smaller regional plane.

The San Francicsco Bay area’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission is considering impounding the cars of people who chronically evade paying bridge tolls, according to the San Francisco Examiner. Eight hundred drivers have an average of 66 violations, with m ore than $5,000 in fines and violations each.

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood is touting streetcars on his FastLane blog.

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