Reader Jeff Donahue submitted this picture he took at the corner of North Taylor Street and Fairfax Drive in Ballston last week. He writes that the woman in the motorized wheelchair was making better time than the cab, the bus and the Zip car. (Courtesy Jeff Donahue)

Dr. Gridlock also examines a report to Metro’s board of directors on how the new peak-of-the-peak fares aren’t moving commuters to other periods. Many riders don’t have the flexibility to change their schedules.

The National Park Service is scheduled to begin this week rebuilding Constitution Avenue, which officials say is failing. Look for lane closings to begin at 23rd Street.

A Northern Virginia man is expected to enter a plea in federal court this morning in an alleged plot to bomb the Metrorail system.

The Washington Examiner reports that bus lanes will soon connect Crystal City and Potomac Yard.

Check out the gallery of photographs from beneath the Whitehurst Freeway posted by M.V. Jantzen to Greater Greater Washington.

Can subway cards be art? The Wall Street Journal reports that an artist from the East Village is using fare cards as a canvas. However, New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority wants her to stop.

The Houston Chronicle says the Texas legislature is considering raising speeds on some highways to 85 miles per hour. Is that too fast?

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