Happy Emancipation Day, D.C. If you drove into the city, holiday parking rules are in force. The big news of the day — and the weekend — will be taking place on Metrorail.

The transit authority has a major shutdown planned for the eastern end of the Orange Line beginning at 8 p.m. Friday. There will be no rail service from Stadium-Armory to New Carrollton. Shuttles will provide service but expect huge delays. Many other lines have work, too. Dr. Gridlock has details on that, street closings and road construction in The Weekend and Beyond.

Ann Scott Tyson reports that Metro will hold meetings and possible hearings on service cuts for next fiscal year in mid-May. Specific dates and times have not been set.

Greater Greater Washington has a post that talks about the challenges of using Metro for people who use wheelchairs.

The Washington Examiner reports that some residents along the proposed route for the Purple Line in Maryland are concerned that improvements could drive up prices and displace working-class residents.

The departure of the nation’s air traffic control chief from the Federal Aviation Administration leaves an agency facing enormous challenges, Post transportation writer Ashley Halsey III writes. Sleeping air traffic controllers are just one problem.

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