Another day, another air traffic controller suspended, but not for falling asleep.

The Federal Aviation Administration, which has revised scheduling guidelines for air traffic controllers following reports of workers falling asleep in the towers, suspended a controller this week for allegedly watching a movie while on duty. A military pilot heard the soundtrack being broadcast over an open radio frequency. The controller’s manager is suspended, too, while the FAA investigates.

Gas prices continue to creep up, according to the Daily Fuel Gauge Report from AAA. How are you coping? Weigh in with our questionnaire.

Here’s a reminder that the crackdown on speeders and aggressive driving is still underway on Fairfax County Parkway. Expect the action to continue until the end of the month.

Metro, the Nationals and D.C. officials are all trying to work out who would pay for late-night service if the transit network needs to stay open late to get baseball fans home, according to this report from WAMU. The city has paid in the past, but should the Nats pick up the tab themselves?

If you missed it Monday, our Capital Business colleague Jonathan O’Connell had this report on the effort to lure development to the Metro stations in Prince George’s County. The county still has large tracts of lands adjacent to many of its stops.

WAMU has a report on a Fairfax resident who bought an electric car and talks about the next steps he had to take.

Amtrak is asking railfans and passengers to help protect the nation’s railroad. The agency is launching Partners for Amtrak Safety and Security today, a neighborhood-watch style program. People register to be an extra set of eyes and ears.

How do Americans make the case for spending money to improve our infrastructure, especially our crumbling roads and taxed transit systems? Some industry insiders weigh in on the National Journal’s Transportation blog. There’s even a contribution from Richard Sarles, the CEO and general manager of Metro, who talks about building coalitions.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is talking odometer fraud on his Fast Lane blog.

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