Here’s a look at some of the recent headlines in traffic, transit and other modes of transportation.

Capital Bikeshare, the regional cycling network started by Arlington and the District, has had quite a growth spurt, reports Post transportation writer Ashley Halsey III.

That’s a good thing, considering the amount of road construction happening around the city. Ashley tells us why New York Avenue is going to be a nightmare for the next two years as construction intensifies. And don’t forget that the reconstruction project on Constitution Avenue is underway.

Unsuck DC Metro does an interesting comparison of Metro’s Twitter feed with that of BART, the feed for San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit. Guess which one has more personality?

Gabe Klein, the former head of the District Department of Transportation, recently spent some time in Oregon experiencing that state’s transit systems, according to the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium. He’ll take those lessons with him when he begins his new job as chief of the Chicago Department of Transportation.

When it comes to accessing transit, how far is too far to walk? The Human Transit blog discusses the basics, and says people are willing to walk farther to access faster options.

The St. Louis airport resumes more regular service after a tornado ripped through the community where it’s located Friday night.

Transportation Nation reports this neat fact: On this date in 1990, Space Shuttle Discovery launched with the Hubble telescope.

What else is going on in transportation? Share a story in the comments below.