Here’s a look at some of the news in transportation today:

Prince George’s police plan to conduct a DUI crackdown on Friday, with the Special Operations Division focusing on the central part of the county. Fairfax police are conducting their own crackdown on the Fairfax County Parkway through the end of the month.

Traffic has been relatively normal on New York Avenue since lane closures for bridge reconstruction began this week. Officials say it may take some time for the full effect to be felt. Have you already started using an alternate route?

President Obama is taking a hit in the polls due to the rise in fuel prices. AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge report actually shows that the average price of a regular gallon of gas in the District actually dropped overnight. The current average is $4.079. Monday it was $4.094. In Maryland it ticked up; in Virginia it stayed the same.

Metro is selling some lots on Florida Avenue that it has been trying to dispose of for nine years, Greater Greater Washington reports.

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood discusses a pilot parking program underway in San Francisco that encourages drivers to ”circle less, live more” The program, which is funded by the Federal Highway Administration, provides real-time information on parking availability and pricing.

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