Update: The Just Up the Pike post was an April Fool’s joke, and, yes, we were duped for a bit.

Original post: Highway work zone safety is the theme as area departments of transportation recognize National Work Zone Awareness Week. Dr. Gridlock has advice on work zone safety and details on what some of the area agencies are doing. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood uses work zone safety as his theme for the day, too, on his Fast Lane blog.

Malcolm Kenton writes on the Greater Greater Washington blog that D.C. Circulator routes should have a catchier naming convention. The routes are currently named by their two endpoints, such as Georgetown-Union Station. Kenton’s suggestions include naming routes for federal agencies or famous people connected to the District. Dr. Gridlock wrote earlier this week about changes being considered for the popular bus system.

Does Metro make you feel musical? Apparently, that’s the case for Alexandria resident Jason Mendelson. The blog Unsuck D.C. Metro reports that Mendelson plans to write a song about every Metro station, starting with the Blue Line.

Here’s a bit of old news that’s worth mentioning. Just Up the Pike announced last Friday that Google is adding skateboarding directions to its maps. What do you think about that?

Transportation Nation reports that California is putting in a bid for high-speed rail funds recently rejected by Florida Gov. Rick Scott. Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley wrote LaHood earlier this year, saying the state would be interested in any money spurned by other states.

O’Malley announced Tuesday that Maryland has officially submitted two applications for a portion of the money. The projects would upgrade the train station at Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport, including adding a fourth track near the station, and fund studies on upgrading three bridges for MARC’s Penn Line. The Penn Line runs from Washington through northeastern Maryland via Baltimore. In a statement, State Transportation Secretary Beverley Swaim-Staley called the Penn Line “the backbone of rail in the region.”

And Ashley Halsey III has the details on the Federal Aviation Administration’s decision to order inspections of older-model Boeing 737s after a hole opened in a Southwest Airlines jet last week.

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