If you’re flying this weekend, you’ve probably already given thought to the Transportation Security Administration. These stewards of aviation security determine how and when you can go through a checkpoint and wait to board your flight. They dictate the quantities of liquids you can carry on, what kinds of items you can’t bring and perhaps what type of shoes you wear (if you are inclined to choose footwear that’s easy to remove quickly).

The TSA also issued some holiday travel tips this week, following on the heels of the Thanksgiving travel tips issued last month. The holiday-specific suggestions include:

Fruitcakes. The TSA has determined that the oft-maligned fruitcake “is a delicious edible and permitted cake, not a W.M.D.” So there goes one excuse for declining a slice.

Ugly sweaters. They’re permitted, even if they might cause “a nauseating effect on passengers.”

Don’t wrap your gifts before flying. It’s probably not best to travel with wrapped gifts, which officers might have to unwrap and open for inspection.

Eggnog. You can bring “this tasty liquid treat,” so long as it’s in a bottle no larger than 3.4 ounces.

Santa Claus. The TSA would like to remind Santa not to bring any prohibited items in his beard this year. (And once he gets through security, Santa will be tracked by NORAD on Christmas Eve, so he’s really going to be heavily scrutinized this year.)

For the full list of tips, head here.