Virginia Railway Express officials are bracing for potential flood-related speed restrictions as a heavy rainstorm is predicted to roll into the area over the next 36 hours.

If flood restrictions are put in place, Manassas-line trains will only be able to operate at 15 mph. VRE officials said trains will be able to depart Broad Run on time, but as trains continue north, riders could experience delays of 60 to 90 minutes. VRE officials said that as of Wednesday, they plan to run all trains. If flood restrictions come into play, however, the morning turn train may be canceled as well as the second to last train of the morning.

On the Fredericksburg line, trains can operate at 40 mph when flood restrictions are in place. As a result, VRE officials said riders could experience delays of 30 to 60 minutes.

VRE officials said riders should come prepared Thursday with everything needed for a long ride, including snacks and reading material. Flood restrictions are inconvenient, VRE officials said, but they are in place to keep the railroad safe.