Northern Virginians today have a chance to review and comment on the commonwealth’s long-range transportation plan, called VTrans2035.

A public comment session, one of a series held across Virginia, is scheduled for 4 to 7 p.m. at Washington-Lee High School, 1301 N. Stafford St., Arlington. (The nearest Metrorail station is Ballston, on the Orange Line.)

This version of the long range plan, to be completed by Jan. 1, is an update on the one developed in 2009. The next one after this, VTrans 2040, will come out in 2015.

Because of the long time frame, the resulting document is more about setting goals and identifying priority corridors than about getting the timing fixed on that traffic light that’s been bothering you.

This is the vision thing. It involves all state agencies involved in transportation, including the Department of Aviation, Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Rail and Public Transportation, Virginia Port Authority, Motor Vehicle Dealer Board, Department of Transportation and, yes, the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority.

Of practical concern to Northern Virginians, the plan helps identify projects (an outer beltway? A new bridge over the Potomac? A new Metrorail line?) that could become part of the state’s transportation program.

Here’s a link to a Virginia state government Web page that has the current surface transportation plan for 2035. This is the part focused on roads and rails.

People will have a chance to comment on the 2035 program orally or in writing at the Thursday session. But throughout August, they can also use an online comments page.