It’s Halloween, which means a lot of youngsters will be heading out in search of precious, precious candy. If you have kids, this means a night of bundling up to take them trick-or-treating. But even if you don’t have kids, you will likely encounter the families going door to door.

Be extra careful when you leave work tonight. There will be a lot of people out on the streets and sidewalks this afternoon and evening, many of them young children, so make sure to use additional caution if you’re driving

Large crowds are expected in Georgetown, so many streets will be closed and parking will be restricted beginning this afternoon. Here's a map of the street closures and parking restrictions. Stick to public transportation if you’re heading out in that area.

Even though many people celebrated on Saturday, this is the actual holiday, and holidays are perfect excuses for people to hit the town. So if you’re heading out tonight, remember to expect more crowding than usual on the Metro and on the area’s streets. Stay safe out there.