9 A.M. Update:

There’s an accident on Connecticut Avenue and California Street in Northwest.

An accident on North Capitol and K streets involving a tractor trailer could also snarl traffic at that spot.

I-95 North remains clogged at the Springfield Interchange.

8:35 A.M. Update:

The accident on southbound I-95 before Sandy Spring Road has been cleared. You can expect some residual delays in that area.

8:10 A.M. Update:

The accident on southbound I-95 before Sandy Spring Road is now blocking one southbound lane and one of the shoulders. Expect delays.

The disabled vehicle on the outer loop has been cleared.

7:50 A.M. Update:

An accident on southbound I-95 before Sandy Spring Road is blocking both of the shoulders. Expect delays heading this way.

There’s also a disabled vehicle on the outer loop of the Beltway at the Baltimore Avenue/U.S. 1 exit.

7:30 A.M. Update:

I-66 East has some backups approaching Sycamore Street in Arlington as well as approaching the Beltway.

I-395 North is still jammed around King Street.

The inner loop of the Beltway is also pretty slow as you approach I-66.

7:05 A.M. Update:

I-66 East is heavily backed up at the Beltway.

There are also pretty bad delays on I-395 North approaching King Street.

6:50 A.M. Update:

There are considerable backups on I-95 North approaching the Springfield Interchange. Delays stretch for a few miles, so expect headaches there.

6:20 A.M. Update:

I-66 East is backed up approaching Chain Bridge Road and again at the Beltway.

There’s an accident on I-95’s reversible lane in Woodbridge, and it could cause delays approaching that spot.

Original Post:

Good morning, commuters! This week’s scattered, up-and-down weather continues: After yesterday’s rain, wind gusts and other stormy conditions, today it will be clear and chilly with some showers before it warms up later in the day. Still, there might be lingering debris and road issues, so be careful when you head out.

We’ll be keeping tabs on the commute all morning, rounding up any headaches, issues or problems we hear about. Let us know anything you see out there — tell us in the comments below or via Twitter (@DrGridlock).