Rep. Frank Wolf (R) joined Loudoun officials last week in an appeal to the Virginia Department of Transportation to allow an advisory committee focused on finding ways to make the Dulles Greenway more commuter-friendly to address the issue of distance pricing on one of the most expensive toll roads in the country.

In a letter to Virginia Transportation Secretary Sean Connaughton, Wolf said he was disappointed to learn that despite his repeated requests to study the toll structure on the Greenway, the Dulles Green Way User Interface Task Force was told that discussion of these issues was categorically forbidden by VDOT.”

The task force — which includes Tim Sines, the CEO of Dulles Greenway, as well as Loudoun County Administrator Tim Hemstreet and representatives from Wolf’s office — was established by VDOT earlier this year at Wolf’s request to address the need for signs that clearly display toll pricing information prior to Greenway entry points.

But Wolf, echoing a request by the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, expressed a desire for the committee to go beyond signage issues and consider the implementation of “distance tolling,” which would allow commuters to pay a fee based on distance traveled, rather than a flat rate that would apply regardless of whether a vehicle traveled one exit or the entire length of the 14-mile Greenway.

Wolf also voiced frustration that no local elected officials or members of the General Assembly were appointed to the committee.

“It was my hope that this committee would be a way for commuters to sit face-to-face with the elected officials who exercise authority over the state law that encompasses the current agreement and know that their concerns about the toll structure would be heard,” Wolf said in the letter. “Sadly, this will be impossible under the structure outlined at the initial meeting.”

Wolf’s letter followed a similar appeal by the Loudoun County supervisors, who voted at a July 6 Board meeting to send a letter to Garrett Moore, Northern Virginia District administrator for VDOT, advocating a distance-based toll structure.

Supervisors said the incremental tolling was necessary to help lessen dangerous traffic on congested local roads, particularly Waxpool Road.