Realizing she didn’t want the Shady Grove train Wednesday night at Metro Center, a 37-year-old woman tried to take a shortcut across the tracks to the Glenmont side, Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said.

She only made it halfway before passengers called out to her and told her to stop.

The woman, who Stessel said had only been in the United States for about seven days, stood on the lighting grate between tracks while Metro employees shut off power to the rail lines. Metro Police then walked out and retrieved the woman, carrying her back to a platform. The woman was not injured, and trains were only suspended for about four minutes, Stessel said.

“There’s no question that she placed herself at risk by attempting to cross the tracks, not only from the hazards of the electrified third rail, but also the possibility of getting struck by a train or falling,” Stessel said.

But, he said, she will not be charged or fined because of the apparent language barrier and her unfamiliarity with both the country and the Metro system.

When asked whether Metro was worried about future, similar incidents, Stessel said that with about 800,000 people riding Metro each day, “these types of occurrences are very rare.”

Below is a YouTube video of the incident.

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