8:45 A.M. Update:

An accident at 7th Street and Constitution Avenue could snarl traffic in Northwest Washington.

There’s also an accident on Connecticut Avenue and K Street in Northwest, which could cause headaches in that spot.

The accident on westbound U.S. 50 in Bowie has been cleared and the lanes reopened, but watch out for residual backups.

In Virginia, major congestion remains a problem on eastbound I-66 (approaching the Beltway), northbound I-95 (approaching the Springfield Interchange) and the inner loop of the Beltway (approaching I-66).

8:25 A.M. Update:

The accident on westbound U.S. 50 is blocking three lanes at Collington Road. Avoid the area if at all possible.

8:07 A.M. Update:

An accident on westbound U.S. 50 at Collington Road in Bowie could severely slow traffic in that area. If you haven’t left yet, consider taking Annapolis Road or Central Avenue.

8 A.M. Update:

An accident on Reservoir Road and 37th Street in Northwest Washington could cause serious delays there. If you take Reservoir Road, expect some congestion.

There’s also an accident at 19th Street and Wyoming Avenue in Northwest.

I-66 East is crawling at the Beltway, while the inner loop is slow approaching I-66. I-95 North is also still very backed up approaching the Springfield Interchange.

7:40 A.M. Update:

The accident at New York Avenue has been cleared and the lanes reopened. Expect some residual backups on westbound New York Avenue.

7:20 A.M. Update:

An accident on New York Avenue at Bladensburg Road in Northeast Washington is blocking two westbound lanes on New York Avenue.

6:55 A.M. Update:

Eastbound I-66 is backed up at Chain Bridge Road.

The accident on I-95 North before the Springfield Interchange has been cleared up and the shoulder reopened. Big delays remain in place.

6:35 A.M. Update:

A disabled vehicle on northbound I-395 is blocking the right shoulder at Washington Boulevard.

6:15 A.M. Update:

An accident on northbound I-95 before the Springfield Interchange is blocking the left shoulder. There arealready very heavy delays leading up to this point.

Original Post:

Good morning, commuters! Today is going to be warmer and muggier, according to the Capital Weather Gang, with showers and storms coming later tonight.

We’ll be rounding up any headaches, issues or problems we hear about on the roads this morning. Let us know anything you see out there — tell us in the comments below or via Twitter (@DrGridlock).

There’s some debris on the inner loop of the Beltway after the Connecticut Avenue exit. It’s blocking the shoulder and could cause delays.

The New York Avenue bridge construction could cause delays near Florida Avenue in Northeast. Again, alternate route are advisable.

Traffic restrictions continue on the Rock Creek Parkway in Woodley Park on weekdays. Cathedral Avenue (south of Woodley Road) is open northbound and closed southbound. Lanes are open all the time on Beach Drive. Rock Creek Parkway always has a lane closure in both directions for the work.

On Shoreham Drive, from 7 a.m. to 9:15 a.m., only one lane will be open heading southbound. (The northbound side is closed.) From 9:15 a.m. to 7 a.m. the next morning, only one lane will be open northbound and the southbound side is closed.