Are 10-car trains the wave of the future on Metro?

Never mind that the system is only designed to accommodate service for eight-cars trains, the transit authority has disclosed two recent incidents involving 10-car trains.

Earlier this week, Metro revealed that three employees had been disciplined in a Dec. 2 incident. However, Deputy General Manager Dave Kubicek said this morning during a board committee meeting that a second incident happened this month

The incident occurred on Jan. 13 near the Largo station. The train went “a couple of stops and was caught,” Kubicek said. The two extra cars were empty of passengers, he said.

A train operator and an interlocker were disciplined, he said. One received unpaid time off and the other was demoted. Kubicek would not clarify which worker received which discipline.

Board member Kathy Potter expressed concern that Metro had not disclosed the second incident earlier.

Kubicek said Metro is working to implement a “safety culture” where several layers of personnel are responsible, including the train operator, personnel in the yard tower and the interlocker.

“That’s three layers of people who should be looking and paying attention,” he said.

This type of incident does happen from time to time and we’re trying to eliminate,” Kubicek said. He said supervisors are being rotated to raise awareness of the problem.