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Signs and pavement reflectors on Capital Beltway further distinguish the HOT lanes start.

New program targets 495 Express Lanes users who are surprised by big penalties.

Virginia State Police will have extra patrols out during rush hours Monday and Tuesday.

Police said the minivan braked hard and was struck from behind.

The top toll has exceeded $11 for a full, 14-mile trip at rush hour.

The lane operator's report for the October-December quarter showed use up, despite federal shutdown.

Some fear Virginia project will add traffic congestion, but it's more likely to create some space for today's drivers.

VDOT is holding an information session on its plan to allow rush hour traffic on the left shoulder of the inner loop south of the Legion Bridge.

The 95 Express Lanes, now half done, will impose toll on lanes sometimes used for free.

Traffic and tolls along the 495 Express Lanes were up a bit in the year's third quarter, the HOT lanes operator reports.

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