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Service will be discontinued on three Ride On routes and the county will cancel plans to launch a new bus line to Tobytown.

A 24-hour strike shut down the subway system in London, forcing millions of commuters to find alternative ways to get to work.

A new survey highlights the most annoying commuter behaviors.

A former D.C. resident who recalls the old generation of streetcars shares his colorful collection of transit passes.

Testing could better detect whether endangered shrimplike creatures would be harmed by proposed rail alignment, group says

Goal is agreement to protect local residents, workers during economic development.

Construction of the gaming facility, which is expected to begin this summer, has prompted some lane closures and changes near National Harbor.

Montgomery County says it has upgraded nearly 3,000 bus stops across the county.

The dubious distinction goes to the Silver Spring Transit Center.

Bus lanes and around-the-clock bus service are a few of the transit options Londoners have and Washingtonians don't.

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