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Everyone thinks Chris Murphy's truck ad is a joke. It's not a joke.

Old battles over which projects make sense contain a new element: The prospect of money to build them.

The plan may have emerged late in the gubernatorial campaign, but it's got a long history.

The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority is trying to decide how to spend $190 million.

These are the Virginia Department of Transportation's responses to frequently asked questions on the bi-county parkway.

An opera hall was the right setting for community vs. government drama.

Homeowners lined up at a public hearing in Fairfax to decry a proposed parkway that would connect Loudoun and Prince William counties.

Virginia's long-range plan has more money, because of the new transportation spending law.

Metro General Manager Richard Sarles was urged to evaluate the transit agency’s police department to determine if the number of officers in the force is adequate to protect the system.

Gov. Robert McDonnell (R) stressed the importance of transportation and infrastructure in an address at a transportation conference Wednesday.

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