News of a devastating plane crash in Russia that reportedly killed at least 43 people — including nearly all of the Kontinental Hockey League’s Lokomotiv team — ripped through the global hockey community Wednesday morning, leaving a wake of shock and sadness.

Several players received word of the crash and its death toll on Twitter, where they posted their reactions.

Pavol Demitra’s agent confirms to the Associated Press that the former Blue has died in the crash.Wed Sep 07 15:08:14 via TweetDeckJeremy Rutherford

Gloomy day in DC and even worse news in Russia. Prayers to all the family/friends associated today. #KHLWed Sep 07 15:13:18 via Twitter for iPhoneJohn Carlson

Devastating News. Plane Crash in Russia had some of my great NHL buddies on it. SadWed Sep 07 16:13:27 via Twitter for BlackBerry®Jeremy Roenick

Broke news of the Lokomotiv tragedy to Jonathan Toews. His eyes widened in disbelief & he said “This is the worst summer ever for hockey.”Wed Sep 07 14:51:51 via UberSocial for BlackBerryAdam Proteau

Terrible news out of Russia today. Prayers to all the family and friends involved! #KHLWed Sep 07 15:18:44 via TwittelatorEric Fehr

I can’t believe plane with KHL team got crashed.... #RIPWed Sep 07 14:51:28 via webStanislav Galiev