A few excerpts from his conversation with Andrew Goldman:

Goldman: Earlier this year, you sued The Washington City Paper for publishing “The Cranky Redskins Fan’s guide to Dan Snyder,” which, among other things, claimed that your company had engaged in some shady business practices. Have you read the article? 

Snyder: No.

Goldman: How could you sue without reading the piece?

Snyder: Because I heard all the details. But the entire piece? I’m not going to read that.

Goldman: You accused the paper of anti-Semitism because it scribbled horns and a beard on a picture of you. By that logic, any 8-year-old who defaces a teacher’s photograph is anti-Semitic. 

Snyder: That’s your opinion. But it really angered me. It’s not nice.

You can read the entire piece here, but one last snippet. As the Redskins’ ultra-fan, Snyder said the team has caused him to shed tears. “Losing to Seattle in 2006 did. I thought that was our year.”