The Colts’ bench was not a happy place to be Sunday night. (SEAN GARDNER / Reuters)

The Colts face some stiff competition from the also-winless Miami Dolphins, who couldn’t hold off Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos on Sunday, and the St. Louis Rams, who were run over, under, around and through by DeMarco Murray and the Dallas Cowboys, but the Colts are the first to get to 0-7 (with the Dolphins and Rams at 0-6). All are vying, in their own way, to become only the second 0-16 team, to the 2008 Detroit Lions.

Peyton Manning, in the fourth quarter Sunday (SEAN GARDNER / Reuters)

“Man, they scored so much, their fans got tired of cheering,” Colts defensive end Robert Mathis said.


Caldwell didn't just lose a game, he lost his team, Bob Kravitz wrote. “We can put forth a lot better effort,” Mathis said. “That's the first time I've seen it. First time. And it reflects badly on me and all our leaders.”

Caldwell acknowledged his role in the mess.

“I have to take responsibility for our team and the way that they played. We just didn’t play well,” Caldwell said. “I think the guys fought. We didn’t execute well, but I think the effort was good.”

Owner Jim Irsay apologized, via Twitter.

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