Aaron Rodgers is letting the Packers’ latest Super Bowl championship and this season’s 4-0 record do most of his talking. (Matt Ludtke / Getty Images)

“I'm just going to say that I was really proud of our team,” Rodgers said of his Packers predecessor’s comments on an Atlanta radio show. “It takes 53 guys to win a championship and we had the right recipe last year and we're trying to do the same thing this season.”

Favre stirred the pot with curious, rather petty remarks about Rodgers’s ability and his surrounding cast. Favre praised Rodgers but said he was surprised that it took him so long to win a Super Bowl and that he “just kind of fell into a good situation.”

Packers linebacker Clay Matthews, on ESPN’s “Jim Rome Is Burning,” was a little more blunt when asked about Favre’s radio appearance, saying it “definitely fuels [Rodgers’s] fire.” Matthews didn’t take Favre’s comments personally, but he doesn’t have a chilly history with Favre and doesn’t play quarterback for the Packers.

“I’m sure Aaron has a bigger problem than with me. Obviously, I didn’t play with Brett at the time. He’s a fantastic athlete and what he did for this organization, but with backhanded comments like that, I’m sure it hits a chord with Aaron. He’s a competitor, and he takes everything that people say about him and the criticisms and puts it on display on Sunday.

“He’s continued to improve in the three years that I’ve been here, and he’s playing at an MVP level. I don’t know if there’s another quarterback playing as well as he is right now.”

Radio station 790 The Zone in Atlanta took Favre’s critics to task Wednesday, saying they were taking Favre’s statements out of context and posting an unusual statement on its website:

“Several websites including NFL.com have taken Brett’s comments made to Mike Morgan and Hans Heiserer of 790 The Zone out of context. A headline that reads, ‘Favre to Rodgers: what took you so long?’ — in reference to Green Bay’s Super Bowl victory earlier this year – is a complete mischaracterization of his comments and is a classic example of not letting the facts get in the way of a good story!

“Bob Richards, 790 The Zone’s Program Director, refutes such sensationalism by asserting, ‘the NFL.com and those countless other websites running with that story line should be ashamed of themselves.’ ”