View Photo Gallery: Aaron Rodgers bounced back Sunday from the team’s first loss Dec. 18.

Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees are putting up outlandish, staggering numbers — the kind that bring MVP awards and Lombardi trophies and things like that.

Until the Green Bay Packers lost for the first time this season, there was only one name in the MVP conversation: Rodgers. There’s still pretty much that same one name, but now Brees, with his single-season passing-yardage record and his team heating up, is being mentioned as well.

The name of another guy, Tom Brady, scarcely comes up, but the simple fact is that he also should top 5,000 yards passing in the season finale and has triumphed despite playing for a team that has the NFL’s last-ranked defense.

The issue here isn’t which player should be the MVP, although you’re free to argue that in the comments. The question we’re considering, for a moment, is which quarterback, right now, stands the best chance of winning it all.


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