Albert Haynesworth isn’t likely to find a spot with an NFL team. (Elsa / Getty Images)

Don’t hold your breath.

“He calls me every night and says, ‘Hey, Wash, it's your big black son’,” Washburn, who coached Haynesworth in Tennessee and now coaches for the Eagles, said (via the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Zach Berman). “I think he's finished. His back's degenerative.”

Although Haynesworth’s career has been in a steep decline since he signed a $100 million contract with the Washington Redskins in February 2009, Washburn had only positive remarks about him.

“Everybody hated him, but I liked him,” Washburn said. “He's one of my favorite guys.”

Can’t blame him for that. Washburn profited from Haynesworth’s success with the Titans. “We could pave the driveway,” Washburn said. “We took a clothes line down, didn't have no dryer.”

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