Albert Haynesworth (Gene J. Puska / APr)

According to Boston Herald report, he isn’t even on the team, released two days after his disappearing act in the team’s loss Sunday to the New York Giants.

After the game, Patriots Coach Bill Belichick said Haynesworth’s absence was “rotation-related,” but the Boston Herald reported that sources told of an animated conversation between Haynesworth and defensive line coach Pepper Johnson after Haynesworth “stood up and attempted a swim move” on a Brandon Jacobs run. He was blocked by David Diehl and, according to the Herald, admitted his error to Belichick. Johnson approached and the conversation grew heated. Haynesworth was not on the field in the second half.

“We had a lot of defensive linemen active, and so they played in different rotations,” Belichick said Sunday. “Vince Wilfork is a guy obviously that we don’t want off the field, but the rest of those guys, they can’t all play. One guy plays for a while and then somebody else plays and they rotate.”

Haynesworth had three tackles (one of which was assisted) and appeared in six games for the Pats.