We’ve come a long way, haters. Now we’re here: the March Mad-ness Hate Bracket final. It’s a true David vs. Goliath matchup with No. 1 Duke vs. No. 7 Connecticut. Hope you saved some bile for this one.

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We asked Post readers for the teams they just can’t root for, and they (you) sent in more than 200 comments. After tallying the recommendations, we arrived at an eight-team field. Check out the bracket (and let your blood begin to boil) below. Also, take a look back at the eight contenders and read why they made the cut.

We’re almost there. Check out the breakdown and vote for your (least) favorite. Don’t miss this chance to leave your mark on history.


How they got here: In the first round, the Blue Devils rumbled over this tournament’s lone mid-major (and surprise entrant), South Dakota State, winning 80 percent of the vote. Then Duke ran past Michigan with 75 percent of voters rooting against the Blue Devils. Can anyone stop them now?

Credentials: Just like on the basketball court, Duke is a powerhouse in the bracket of hate and a big threat to win it all. You already know the reasons people can’t root for the Blue Devils. Coach K with the officials in his pocket. The Cameron Crazies, being Cameron crazy. Cherokee Parks’s hair. Christian. Laettner.

Commenter MeltdownMan’s anti-Duke rant: “Rhymes with Puke.”


How they got here: The Huskies pulled a shocking upset in the first round, winning 85 percent of the vote against title contender, and No. 2 overall seed, Kentucky. The Cinderella run continued with another upset, this time over No. 3 North Carolina (winning 82 percent of the vote), to reach the final. Can they shock the world?

Credentials: U-Conn. won the national title last season, which is enough reason to hate them. Their women’s program wins the championship every other year. This year, U-Conn. was bounced in their first game, but it’s hard to feel bad for a team whose coach, Jim Calhoun, was suspended for three games this season because of recruiting violations.

Commenter putmeonthecans’ anti-Connecticut rant: “U-Conn They are the dirtiest prgram [sic] in college basketball and their coach is not a nice man.”

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