If you want to follow the real March Madness, keep up with our interactive 2012 NCAA tournament bracket. If you want to help determine the most hated team in college hoops, you’re in the right place.

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The final matchup of the first round pits Michigan against Syracuse. Check out the breakdown and vote for your (least) favorite.

Michigan credentials: Michigan fans really like their sports teams. They even had a good basketball team worthy of admiration, back when they pioneered the act of wearing knee-length shorts. This season the Wolverines won a share of the Big Ten title ... only to get knocked out early in the NCAA tournament.

Commenter sfuern’s anti-Michigan rant: “The most consistently overrated team in the Big Ten.”

Syracuse credentials: It’s been a tough year for the Orange. Former associate head coach Bernie Fine was fired after two former ball boys accused him of molesting them in the 1980s. Then it was reported that the team repeatedly violated its own drug policy. Most recently, the team’s center Fab Melo was forced to miss the NCAA tournament because of an eligibility issue. That’s a lot of bad news.

Commenter kph’s anti-Syracuse rant: “Year after year, they constantly never live up to expectations and lose early on, despite a high ranking from all of [Coach Jim] Boeheim’s whining.”

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