Robert Griffin III, the No. 2 pick in the NFL Draft, isn’t going to sign a contract until the No. 1 pick, Andrew Luck (left), signs with the Indianapolis Colts. (Tomas Ovalle / AP Images for NFLPA)

How close is Andrew Luck to signing a contract with the Indianapolis Colts, a squiggle of the pen that is likely to speed the signing of Robert Griffin III and give Washington Redskins fans something fresh to obsess about?

Luck, taking part in a Play 60 event Tuesday in Indianapolis, isn’t saying. Although he said he “absolutely” is thinking about negotiations with the Indianapolis Colts, “what I worry about is sort of getting better at football. That’s my opportunity now. I’m letting my agent take care of that.”

Luck, the No. 1 pick in the draft, is expected to get something like the four-year, $22-million contract Cam Newton got from Carolina in 2011. After he signs and sets the market for the 2012 draft, the Redskins and RGIII are likely to reach an agreement fairly quickly.

Although there seems to be plenty of time in which to get a deal done before the Colts open training camp July 28, it is imperative to do so because rookies can’t report without a contract. And Luck is already a bit behind because his Stanford class graduated this week, keeping him from joining the Colts.

Once both Luck and RGIII are signed, then everyone can move along to the business of determining which player is under more pressure.

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